About Us

Insight Medical

‘Papua New Guineans across the length and breadth of the country should expect quality healthcare service delivery “within an hour’s reach” by the Year 2030,’ - Prime Minister Hon. James Marape.
Every Citizen is entitled to accessible quality health care including specialist care. Insight Medical will be a part of this journey to achieving this dream for the people of PNG.
Insight Medical is a Medical Supply and Service Company and is incorporated in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Insight Medical’s key focus is to provide technologically driven diagnostic medical equipment for specialist and super specialist medical doctors in Papua New Guinea, to accurately carryout diagnostics for optimum patient care.
Insight Medical’s area of interest will be distribution of accredited and quality driven products, application training and maintenance support for Medical products from industry renowned manufactures. Such products include but not limited to Minor Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Endoscope Imaging equipment, Critical Care Monitoring Equipment, Surgical C arms, Radiology Imaging Equipment, Emergency Care Medical equipment, Laboratory Diagnostic equipment, Point of Care analysers to name a few.
Insight Medical is driven by experienced industry leaders, all-embracing professional expertise and geographical experience to provide access to cutting edge medical technology, enabling healthcare workers to better and accurate diagnosis for patient treatment and care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always improve the quality of life and the quality of work for all our clients with our work and our solutions. Safety and success of therapies are always our focus.

Our Vision

Our vision always pushes us to develop and offer high quality solutions and products which can be proven to be effective and efficient in their application.

Organizational Values

Create Knowledge

Create environment that allow space for learning for staffs in the organisation and in the customer circle.

Built Quality in

Standardise and automate those things that are tedious, repeatable, or prone to human error, so that we can focus the skills and efforts of employees on innovation, growth and continuous improvement.